10 jQuery Essentials

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10 jQuery Essentials
June 30th, 2007 by phpfour
Its now a few weeks of my usingjQuery as the standard JavaScript library for my web projects. I’m really fascinated with the super-easy writing of JS using jQuery. In the course of using it for normal usages, I had to add a few other functionalities using Javascript. Before trying to find out a solution myself, I searched for jQuery based solutions for those. And here is a list of some of the excellent resources I found on the web:
1. Interface Elements
“Interface is a collection of rich interface components which utilizes the lightweight JavaScript library jQuery. With this components you can build rich client web applications and interfaces with the same simplicity as writing JavaScript with jQuery.”
2. jQuery Tabs
“It’s a jQuery plugin that lets you create JavaScript tabs very easily - once you assembled the HTML with just one line of JavaScript code.”
3. jQuery Start Ratings
“Here is a quick and dirty re-creation of a star rating plugin. This is a fully degradable plugin that creates the Star Rating interface based on a simple form structure.”
4. jEditable - in place editing
“My name is jEditable and I am inplace editor plugin for jQuery. With few lines of JavaScript code I allow you to click and edit the content of different xhtml elements.”
5. jQuery Date Picker
“Welcome to the homepage for version 2 of the jQuery datePicker plugin. This is a complete re-write from the ground up to add power and flexibility to the date picker.”
6. jQuery Multi File Upload
“jQuery.MultiFile is a plugin for jQuery to help users easily select multiple files for upload in a concise quick and easy manner.”
7. jQuery Portlets
The portlets feature drag/drop, expand, collapse and many more features!
8. jQuery Autocomplete
jQuery plugin: Autocomplete is very easy to integrate to your existing forms.
9. Better tooltip
This plugin enhances the default tooltips. You can style them via stylesheets and improve their behaviour. The tooltip is shown at the mouse position and moves if there isn’t enough space.
10. Form Validation
An excellent way of validating your forms with a mix of jQuery, CSS and some HTML markup. Truly marvelous!
That’s full pack! I hope these will help you out with you jQuery’ing. Many other sites helped me find these resources, includingGoogle,Ajax Rain,Ajaxian, andAJAX Magazine.