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Snap is an Idealab company located in Pasadena, California, home of Cal Tech, the Rose Bowl, and the Doo Dah parade. We‘re a small group fighting a big battle to deliver a step-function change in the search experience. Together, we have over 70 years of search experience and way more than 100 years of online marketing and e-commerce experience. We‘re passionate, committed and are confident enough to think we can make a difference.
We‘re led by Bill Gross, the founder of Idealab and a life-long devotee of search, having been involved in search since high school when he first indexed Popular Science articles. Bill‘s search experience includes Lotus Magellan, Knowledge Adventure, CitySearch (acquired by Ticketmaster), and GoTo/Overture (acquired by Yahoo). With Overture, Bill is credited with creating the modern search monetization model that most of today‘s search engines are built on. Beyond Search, Bill has founded a range of companies from CarsDirect (Internet Brands) to Energy Innovations to Insider Pages to Picasa (acquired by Google).
They say that winning attracts winners and those of us at Snap have come here to build the next great search engine. Some of us have done it before, others are bringing success from other fields, and still others are bringing fresh talent to our cause. We‘re financially backed by people who know what they‘re doing and understand that our fire needs fuel to burn bright. Perhaps most telling, we‘re having fun building The other way to Search™.
Our strategy is to constantly innovate on all fronts — technology, product, marketing, advertising, and business operations. We‘re seeking like-minded partners to help with this challenge and if you‘re a business interested in collaborating with us, please use theContact Us form.
We‘re always looking for bright individuals to help us in our challenge as well. Please see ourCareers section for our current job openings.
Most importantly, we need you, our users, to give us feedback so that we can make Snap better. Please use ourFeedback form often and don‘t be afraid to tell us what you think.
And if you like us, we‘d appreciate a recommendation to your friends.