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Bland 乏味
The script of this programme 本节目台词

Does Helen look bland in her hat?
Helen: Hello, this is Real English from BBC Learning English, I’m Helen.
Chen Li: 我是陈鹂,hello.
Helen: In Real English, we look at words and phrases that you might not find in your dictionary.
Chen Li: 是的,英语是一种十分惯用化的语言,所以,理解现实生活中人们常使用的固定表达和俚语也就十分必要了。
Helen: Today’s word is bland – that‘s B.L.A.N.D. – bland.
Chen Li: Bland 意思是什么呢 Helen?
Helen: Well if something is bland it means it’s not interesting or exciting in any way.
Chen Li: 原来 bland 是个形容词,意思是乏味的。
Helen: So you might say ‘That singer is very bland.‘
Chen Li: 意思是,说这个歌手很乏味,没有什么有意思的。
Helen: Or, it‘s often used to describe food that has no taste.
Chen Li: 如果某种食品没有什么味道,也可以用这个词来形容。
Helen: You might say ‘I don’t like rice on its own – it’s a bit bland.‘
Chen Li: 仅仅吃米饭,自然是没有什么味道了。
Insert 3
A: Have you heard Westlife’s new song – I love it!
B: I think it’s a bit bland actually – all their songs are really slow.
C: Wow you look great. Have you lost weight?
D: Aw thanks. Yes I’m trying a new diet but the food is so bland.
Helen: Well I hope you don’t think I’m bland Li.
Chen Li: Of course you’re not bland Helen. In fact you’re one of the most fun, exciting people I know.
Helen: Really? Wow, thanks.
Chen Li: However, these English sweets you gave me are rather bland. 我对这些糖果没有什么口味.
Helen: I‘m sorry, I actually really like them. But anyway that was today’s word – bland.
Chen Li: 意思是乏味的。
Helen: Join us for more Real English next time. Bye for now.
Chen Li: 再会。