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Highlights 挑染
The script of this programme 本节目台词

Jo needs no help from highlights to look good
Jo: Hello, welcome to Real English from BBC Learning English. I’m Jo.
Sun Chen: Hello. I’m Sun Chen.
Jo: Today we’re going to look at words and phrases that you might not find in your dictionary.
Sun Chen: 地道英语和大家一起学习现代英式英语中最新出现的流行词汇和新鲜表达。那Jo,今天给我们带来的新词是什么呢?
Jo: Today we are going to talk about hair styling.
Sun Chen: Hair styling? 和头发的造型有关?I’m very interested.
Jo: I’m thinking about getting some highlights done.
Sun Chen: I see. Highlights. 你想改变一下头发的颜色。
Jo: Yes, I think a bit of copper red highlights would look good on me.
Sun Chen: 很多人都染过头发。染头发的方式也都是多种多样, 有全染的,也有挑染的,highlights 就是挑染的意思。
Jo: I really like highlights, the colour is usually lighter than my own hair and it can really brighten my looks.
Sun Chen: 是的,我也觉得挑染可以起到不错的美容效果,让发型看起来更明朗一些, 尤其是站在灯光下的时候。
Jo: The important thing is to have your highlights done by a professional hairdresser.
(At the hairdressers)
A: Hello. Have you thought about what you want?
B: Well, my hair is looking a bit flat, it’s a bit dull.
A: How about a new cut and then put some highlights in. That would definitely brighten your looks.
B: That sounds good. I’ll leave the choice of highlights to you then.
A: Sure, you won’t be disappointed.
Sun Chen: 我的头发好像也有点儿黯淡。Jo, should I go for some highlights too?
Jo: Why not Sun Chen?
Sun Chen: Is it going to be very expensive?
Jo: Not if you come with me. My hairdresser gives me 20% discount.
Sun Chen: That’s not bad. 那还能接受。我们就定周五下班后吧。
Jo: We could go after work. But before we go, what’s today’s new word?
Sun Chen: It’s highlights for hair. 就是挑染头发,非常流行。
Jo: You’ve been listening to Real English from BBC Learning English. Join us next time.
Sun Chen: 我们下次节目再会。
*Please note that this script is not a word