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Hepburn Dress Auction 赫本晚装拍卖
A Very Expensive Little Black Dress 价格高昂的黑色晚装

A classic LBD - little black dress
An anonymous telephone bidder has paid £467,200 (or about 7,008,000 Yuan) for the black dress made for Audrey Hepburn for her role in the film Breakfast at Tiffany‘s. The dress was sold at a London auction and the proceeds from the sale will go to charity.
The black sleeveless dress was expected to be sold for £70,000 (that‘s about 1,050,000 Yuan) but there were gasps, laughter and applause as the price broke through barrier after barrier, before finally coming to rest at £410,000 (with the remainder of the sale price made up of buyer‘s fees).
This iconic garment has been described as the ultimate little black dress. It‘s plain and simple but sophisticated. It‘s demure yet very sexy.
Audrey Hepburn was seen as a new kind of star when she burst onto the scene in 1953. Most other stars then were in the Marilyn Monroe mould – blonde, curvaceous and overtly sexy. In the film Roman Holiday, Hepburn unveiled her look for the first time. She was tall and slim, with elfin features and looked almost androgynous. She had big, innocent dark eyes and her attraction was much less obvious than Monroe‘s. Hepburn started a trend that has been continued by many since then. The model Kate Moss and actress Winona Ryder are two who many think have been influenced by her style.
But what is the lasting appeal of a woman whose final acting role was in 1989? Why was she voted the most beautiful woman of all time in a magazine poll earlier this year? Her granddaughter Claire Goldsmith says "It‘s about those eyes, those big, brown, warm eyes. Women relate to her because she was unthreatening and for men she had that innocence."
For the founder of the charity that will benefit from the sale of the dress, the attraction is perhaps more down to earth. The French author, Dominique Lapierre, set up a charity The City of Joy Aid to help poor people in India. After the auction Dominique said "I am absolutely dumbfounded that a piece of cloth which belonged to such a magical actress will now enable me to buy bricks and cement to put the most destitute children in the world into schools."
So it seems this little black dress has turned into a rather large pot of gold.
GLOSSARY 词汇表 (收听发音, 请单击英语单词)
gasps喘息, 气喘
coming to rest终止
overtly公开的, 公然的
down to earth实际的
bidder出价人, 投标人
barrier after barrier层层阻碍
iconic garment偶像化的服饰
pot of gold一罐黄金, 指一笔巨款
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