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Develop your own applications
Own applications in just 3 steps!
Whether you wish to create a simple questionnaire or a complex application for the purpose of recording attendance, with Intrexx you do not need any programming skills beyond that of a usual word processing program. Thus your organization can quickly and cheaply react to new demands.

First Step
Just load one of many sample functions, e.g. project management, forum, document administration, news, meeting and protocol administration, customer relations management (CRM) etc.
Second Step
With your mouse you can pull the concerned boxes, views and buttons to the work sheet and define their functions and contents. That is as easy as changing the font size in a word processing program.
Third Step
Organise the applications in the menu of your Information Office. Decide the user rights and the future accessibility, which can be chosen through a user list, the employees or a group. Now the new application in your Information Office is available for the appropriate employees.

Intrexx also provides you with many ready to use applications :
Knowledge Base Bulleting Board Calendar Document Management Ressource Management Project Management Newsletter Webshop Customer Relationship Managment Help Desk Campaign Manager Discussion Forum Minutes FAQ